WARNING:  Our photo blind is on the side of a steep hill and surrounded by uneven terrain.  To access the blind you must use a dirt pedestrian trail that climbs approximately 75 feet in elevation.  Multiple trips may be necessary if you are travelling with a large amount of equipment.



New for 2022!


Ramsey Canyon Inn has long been known as a haven for birders but now it’s for photographers too!


Join us in our new photography blind, nestled in a secluded area above the Bed and Breakfast.  We partnered with professional bird photographers from Sabrewing Nature Tours to design and place the blind with every detail needed to provide you with a quality shooting experience. Special attention has been paid to place the blind on a favorable light angle and to ensure clean backgrounds.  A variety of food types will be provided, and feeders have been designed to be height adjustable while allowing you to easily swap perches during your shoot.  A variety of perches, including native plants will be available for your selection. This is designed as a morning blind, light angles will not be favorable for afternoon shoots.


At 16 feet wide by 6 feet deep, our 96 square foot spacious blind can comfortably accommodate up to 6 photographers.  We set the height of the ceiling at above 6 feet.  In the blind you will find seating with backs, a rubber matted floor to damper sounds, hooks in the rear of the blind to hold gear or a jacket and a convenient ledge to keep teleconverters or a beverage close at hand.  Camo window panels can be easily moved to hide movements in the blind while still providing visibility to the feeders.  Seat cushions can be found in the storage bin along with seed and suet to use for the morning’s shoot.


The Ramsey Canyon Photo Blind offers both mixed group or private sessions depending on your preference. Single sessions are $75 per person and run from 30 minutes prior to sunrise until 2pm. If you want a more private experience, you may wish to reserve the entire blind for just you and your party at a discounted rate of $350.  


For a special experience, consider booking a discounted lodging and photography blind package that includes a delicious breakfast and a slice of our famous Blue Ribbon Pie!


You can reserve your photo blind dates here:



You can book a room at the Bed and Breakfast here:

Ramsey Canyon Inn | Hereford, Arizona | Check Availability or Make a Reservation | ResNexus


Please note that the photo blind booking website is not designed for our specific needs, so as a work around each individual blind permit is assigned a two hour window on the website to avoid double bookings.  However, all permits whether individual or for the entire blind are valid from sunrise until 2pm.


Also consider parking.  If you are staying with us at the Bed and Breakfast, one parking space is included with each room.  If you are not staying with us, you can purchase a parking permit through the same website that you reserve the blind.


If you have any questions or you need help booking, please call us at 520-559-7827.