Hiking on our sky island is exciting!  Spy dozens of winged jewels as you trek along the  many trails surrounding the inn.


 Everyone can enjoy the beautiful outdoors here whether you’re in for an easy stroll or you’re tightening up the laces on your
hiking boots and ready for a challenge!  



You will discover a wide variety of plants and animals along the way. Notice the desert plants in the lower elevations gracefully blending with lush forest trees as you continue the gradual climb. Explore our many trails, with their towering cliffs
 displaying waterfalls.


Ponder the canyon’s history when you find remains of old mining cabins. Catch your breath when you get to the top at 8,060 feet where the trail joins Crest Trail at Bear Saddle.  If you haven’t had enough yet,there are plenty of connecting trails winding throughout the wilderness that are sure to whet your appetite!

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